Conference-debate CSIS

What practical consequences drawn from the last meeting of CSIS?

09 December 2009

From 18h30



Cercle de l'Union Interalliée


What expectations for our business?

Conference chaired by Mr. Christian BECHON, CEO of LFB SA and member of CSIS since its creation.

During this conference will C.BECHON a point on the 3 previous CSIS, will comment on the 11 measures adopted and periodic reviews will address the monitoring that will be made before new Committee meeting scheduled for January 2012.

The Strategic Council of Health Industries (CSIS) convened by the President of the Republic, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, October 26, resulted in action, 11 in number, to enhance the attractiveness of France for Industries health and support this sector, innovation and growth bearer and guarantor of national solidarity. The measures will have a major impact for all health actors. It is important for us to know the strategic content and its practical implications.

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