Key Trends in Pharma & Biotech Licensing

03 mars 2011

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Findings from Simon-Kucher & Partners’ Global Survey of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Licensing Professionals ». Presented by M. Dirk Kars, Partner.

The global consulting company Simon-Kucher & Partners (500 professionals in 22 offices) conducted a global study on key trends in pharmaceutical & biotech licensing.

It was aimed to

  • Identify key drivers and trends in licensing deals within the Pharma and Biotech industries
  • Assess the perceived areas for improvement regarding licensing deals
  • Reveal current and future challenges in licensing deals

40 interviews with industry experts from leading Pharma and Biotech companies were conducted.

The presentation, by Dirk Kars, Partner, will focus on the current situation and future trends in licensing, as well as at the process of licensing deals.

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